Friday, August 19, 2011

foggy dayz

Foggy morning on my day off. Determined to go find some sun. I bought a thing of spray-on sunscreen - it's weird! But, it might as well get used up.

Mat's listening to Flower Fairy, an act he discovered at the Evolve festival. She rocks! Her album is called Nursery Gryme. The link goes to her partner Dub FX's site. They perform together, which I find interesting.

So the dub beats got me feeling the Point Michaud vibe, surf lesson maybe? But then again I haven't been to Chimney Corner all summer. I dunno - the weather forecast is showing sun in all three locations (the two beaches plus here at home) but all I see is fog. Which will hopefully burn off.

The summer is almost over - how are we almost at the end of August - and I'm determined to have as much beach in the remaining time, as I can.

Oh! A report from outside that it is drizzling. I will pack up the car anyway, and GO!

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