Wednesday, March 30, 2011

still life

You can almost hear the slight crackling and snapping that happens when you fry eggs, can't you? I love that succulent sound.

 The tea towel I'm using in the bathroom to wipe my hands, after washing them. Get fresh!

 Bathroom still life. View from the john.

Gay Duvet! That's what I say whenever I see this duvet.

I mean, it's just SO rainbow!

It's like in "Under the Tuscan Sun" when the main character goes on a tour of Italy that's called "Gay and Away!".


Still life.

Taking time off. Breathing space. Being sick last week and HAVING to slow down showed me that-

-that's what I really want. Time to sit on the couch and forget that time exists. Not look at the clock for hours. Let the day just pass.

But it's so hard to do, to take that time when you're not sick. Why? All this rushing around, why do we do it? What are we so scared of? Scratch that - what am *I* so scared of?

I've also been feeling that the Internet and the world around is just so busy, so full, so loud. It's inspiring but it's also overwhelming. All these beautiful and wonderful images to check out! One leads to another to another... where do you stop? How do you decide when to log off?

Sometimes silence is the best new. The best change. (I find I want new and change so much - and that sometimes turning off the noise and turning off the images and just sitting in silence is the best shift. It feels like salt water on a hot day, or like drinking a mason jar of cool water when you're thirsty.)

Also I'm on Pinterest now. Check out my boards! It's really addictive and a lot of fun.

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