Friday, March 25, 2011

that's so sick

Now, I wish I could say that I got this in the mail - or better yet, hand-delivered - this week, when my friend Joel found out I was sick. That would be pretty rad - or even, in the hip lingo the kids use these days, "sick".

The real story is pretty awesome too, though. My friend Mel and I were planning to go see a free concert of Joel at Granville Green in Port Hawkesbury, last summer, BUT I got sick. She, being the trooper she is, went anyway with some other folk, got this CD and got it signed for me. Frig Joel - she's the one who rocks. (Well, perhaps they both rock. I mean, he's Joel Plaskett.)

For some added authenticity, that's my couch, my leg in sweatpants (that haven't been changed in days) and my blanket underneath the CD.

Yup, you guessed it - a big fat flu bug came and took residence in me this week. It moved in on the weekend and is only now showing signs of maybe packing its bags.

It's thrown all my carefully-made plans into a tailspin. You know the saying, "Man plans, God laughs"? Yeah, that's been this week. God is laughing, like, super hard. "Oh, you think you're leaving on Monday for a trip that's going to include four different cities? And you'll be back in three weeks and start work pretty much the next day!? That's a GOOD ONE!! You're funny, you know that, kid?"

Yeah. A whole lot of unknowns around here at the moment. Not that life and what's to come is ever, really, known. I know that. Or, do I? Maybe that's why flu bugs come around, to teach us that. Over and over. And oh how I've been schooled.

Things that have been keeping me happy (or at least, not depressed) during my week of enforced rest:

- Q with Jian Ghomeshi. (A radio show on CBC - I'm too lazy to provide links for these things - Google is there for a reason.)
- LoveLife with Kal Barteski. And all the other blogs I usually follow.
- VaginaPagina - a community on LiveJournal that's all about women's health. It frigging rocks (just like Joel and Mel) - 30 000 other women providing answers to each others' questions about everything. And I do mean everything. There are new questions every day and I've been reading it religiously.

I don't know about you but when I'm sick my attention span is SHOT so I'm going to leave the list at three items. And probably go to sleep.

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