Wednesday, June 23, 2010

go! stop, go, stop, go, stop, GO

OK, so here we are. The first picture I took with my camera after getting it back last week. It's a phenomenal shot of... the battery charger. And lo! the camera still works!

Orchids in bloom in our living room. Mum does virtually nothing to encourage their growth. None of this hothouse pampering BS. She waters them and that's it. And they grow, and bloom, every year. Just goes to show you. Not sure what it shows you, but it shows you something.

Oh, yeah... ice, ice BABY. Sometimes I even listen to this, on my way to work. (My car only has a tape player. I got this "vintage" cassette tape at Value Village for one dollar. It's almost worth that much.) (Actually, the amount of laughs Mat and I have gotten from it driving to work in the mornings is priceless. As is Mr. Ice's haircut and clothing.)

Blue sky. Oh my my.

Plus there's something about power lines I really like.

Lupins. These flowers bloom this time of year, and the banks and ditches of the roads bristle with their purple plump sweetness. Have you ever heard of the kids' book "The Lupin Lady"? If not, you should look for it.

Good Lord, I love my job. I think this all the time, as I'm running from place to place in the marina. I love my job, wow do I ever love my job. (This above is the view from the bench where I take my breaks. That is my car parked with those two boats.) (And the yellow house behind is a Bed and Breakfast run by a really sweet lady.)

This is looking the other way from the break area.

I love my job, I love my job.

And this is taken from out on the docks, looking back towards the building. That red building is where I spend most of my time these days!

I was looking up a phone number the other day (to figure out what time Buffy Ste-Marie is playing this weekend) and I just love that there is a Bingo hotline. Seriously! I kind of want to call it, just to see what happens.

I tried making coconut sorbet, from a recipe I got from Haya. (Her blog is in my link list to the right. I'm too lazy to make a link here.) This is the coconut milk waiting to be added to the sugar/water syrup. Then you end up freezing it. It was good - so rich and sweet!

My feet and my Mum's feet.

The pool that saved my sanity in the winter.

I kind of want to make a pun, something like "Don't go off the deep end, come jump off our deep end!"


In Cape Breton, when there are three signs saying there's a bump ahead, you better slow the heck down or else you might lose your muffler or your oilpan!

And this is where my camera stopped working, again. (A friend's place down in Tarbot. Isn't this kind of the most idyllic summertime photo? A hammock, a tidy garden beyond, and sunlight on meadow grass.)

So yeah - the camera is having a hissy fit. The battery door, newly replaced, works fine. But now when I turn the camera on, it doesn't actually turn on. The lens moves outward but nothing shows on the screen. I press the button again to close it but it doesn't close, it just moves inward all of 1/16th of an inch. Each time I press the on/off button it moves either in or out, depending on its own whim. Well, that's what I'm going with, that or it might be possessed by the devil, because I can't figure out what's causing it to behave this way!

And so I'm now in the position of trying to decide if I want to bother getting it figured out and fixed, or if I want to buy a new camera, or if I just want to sit and wait for a little bit longer.

Good thing I have things like a great book ("The Time Traveller's Wife," OMG), great music (acquired recently: new albums by Sade, Gorillaz, Royal Wood, Imogen Heap, David Gray), and lots of work and extracurriculars to keep me distracted from camera frustrations. And I'm even writing creatively on a regular basis! The trick: form a small group with other people who similarly need to be forced to write, then give yourselves creative prompts and deadlines. Mercilessly tease anyone who doesn't make the deadline. Make time in your schedule to prepare and to write. (And in making that time, I realized that it's unbelievable how important some things can seem, and how unimportant they really are, in the end. Just - little errands and things I felt I really HAD to be doing, but then you don't do them, and - the world doesn't end. Fancy that!)

Anyway. Enough of my blathering for now. Hurray that I could take pictures for four days! And share them here! Poo on camera busting again! But that's OK because life's busy enough as it is. And not having a camera is honing other sides to my eyes. To the way I experience a moment. To the way I think - Hey, I'm actually here, right now. This moment. Won't ever be again. I think I'll pay attention.

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