Wednesday, June 30, 2010

and then I got a couch.

And stored it in the staffroom of the marina.

It's something like a hundred years old. It's made of solid wood. It might have once belonged to a hotel in Sydney. Friends who bought an old inn here in town and are turning it into a home gave it to me - just gave it away! I saw it and went, YES. Even though I don't have a place of my own right now, and even though I have to store it in the staffroom with a blanket over it to keep the dust off, this baby is MINE.

We brought it the kilometer or so to the marina in Monty's old truck, which is 1984 Ford Ranger, diesel, probably the loudest and most beat up old truck you can get away with driving. With this fabulous couch in the back. I felt like wearing a ball gown and sitting on it as we drove through the streets of Baddeck, waving at the passersby.

I want to dress up in a variety of cool outfits and take pictures of myself and friends sitting on it.

Isn't it just the best?

Other news: if I thought I was busy now, things are about to get even busier. July 1st is tomorrow and from then on, the marina is open from 8 until 8, all summer. That means some evening shifts for me, and more foot traffic through the store. But it's only for two months so BRING IT ON summer, let's make some money!

I'm still reading "The Time Traveler's Wife", which I'm mostly still in love with. I just wish I had more time to lie around and read.

I eat a lot of food out of my car. But, mostly it's home-made stuff. A lot of quinoa and salad-y type things. A lot of chocolate chips and fruit bars (that is actually a really good combination - and it's become my morning addiction).

I miss my camera. I took the shots of the couch with a camera that lives at work. Oh, well. Too much else to do and fuss with to bother about it.

I sailed a pram last week! The first time EVER. I got in a little boat that had only a mainsail and one sheet (rope) , and sailed it around and around the little harbour. Thinking, am I really doing this? Holy crap, I am doing this!

I saw Buffy Ste Marie LIVE! What a frigging rig she is. She's sassy and energetic and her voice makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. She sang "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" and "Windigo" and a lot of other songs. I bought an orangey-red tee shirt with her name and picture on it. Thirty bucks but I'd like to think it was worth it. The concert itself was free so there you go. It was part of the Membertou 400 celebrations - the 400th anniversary of Chief Membertou's baptism.

The Baddeck Writers' Group had a meeting this week where we did writing exercises. It was SUCH a treat. So much fun. Pick a prompt randomly, then write for ten minutes. After the time is up, each person reads aloud what they wrote. You would not believe how cool and different each person's writing was, all based on the same thing. Wow. So cool, too, to just frigging DO IT ALREADY - write. Not talk about it, but do it. And holy cow, just like that, we were all WRITERS.

And now - time to eat some supper. And then take a walk by myself, so I can swat at flies and clear my head a little. Work is busy but I keep being surprised by how much I LOVE IT. I mean, by rights I shouldn't, right? But I do. It's kind of amazing. The people I work with are a good seventy-five percent of the equation, because they're all awesome. We have a lot of fun.

Still, I have to be careful not to give over too much of myself, of my time. I'm making sure I have two consecutive days off all summer, and that on those days, I do not plan to do anything. I do not make dates with anyone, except maybe my car and some beach somewhere. (An actual beach, not the racehorse.)

PS Thank you for your comments, if you commented last post. It was really great to be able to share photos with you all! To show little snapshots of what my life is like these days. To answer Laura's Q: I like the new Sade album somewhat. I really like some of the songs, and some of the others just haven't grabbed me yet. But then I haven't really been able to sit and give it my full attention. I figure at some point in the future, I will, and then it's going to open right up and let me in. At least, I hope so.

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