Monday, December 21, 2009

hold me closer tiny...

So I'm at work this morning and somewhere in the library I come across this book. So of course I have to photograph it and show it to you all, because it is clearly the most awesome book ever. I mean, a horse named after Tony Danza? Brilliant!

And, it also makes me think of Elton John. "Hold me closer, tiny danza..."

Who would want to leave this cozy scene? This is my couch, with one of our three cats. Seriously, I could live on this couch. Especially at night, with sparkly lights up like it is here.

But, tomorrow morning I'll be getting on a bus, which will take me to a train. And then I'll take the train all the way to Montreal. We're leaving the cats in the capable hands of a neighbour, and going to see what we can see in la belle province.

I added some new links in the sidebar: Shapely Prose, or Kate Harding and her minions... Alex Hanam, or Lexi as she is known sometimes... Shutter Sisters, an amazing resource for women who like to take pictures... and "I Phone the Prime Minister Of Canada Every Day", which was just started by a friend of mine in Sydney. It's kind of hilarious. No wait - it's all kinds of hilarious.

Also: I'm leaving Facebook! And it's not just a knee-jerk reaction to something - I've been thinking about this for several months now. More on that to come - it's making me think about the Internet, and our lives online, and how we interact with each other.

But first: work! And then: a train! And later: more posts!

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