Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas is coming!

The other day I was going through the newspaper, and I happened upon an article about George Clooney that was accompanied by a photograph. Something about the photo of his head just begged to be cut out and put on a hand-drawn body, so that's what I did. Then I taped my creation under the wreath by the kitchen table, so that we might have a Clooney-rific Christmas. Five minutes with a sharpie and a pair of scissors, and a lifetime of Christmas magic.

A few days later, I was over on the West side of the island. My friend and I were driving along, marvelling at the high winds and the whipped waves. We stopped the truck and I got out to take some photos. "Don't be offended if I don't get out there with you!" said he. "Don't worry, I'm not!" Then I got out of the truck and blew away - I mean, nearly blew away. And took the shot above, of the ocean and the snow and all the wild whiteness.

Yesterday, after a hiccup or two, my Christmas cards arrived! I was so happy when Kal Barteski offered these for sale last month. And, they're even better in person. The cardstock is nice and firm, the colors are gorgeous, and the fonts are to sigh for. Beautiful, just beautiful. So now I'm hopping to it, addressing and stamping and writing out these babies, to get them back in the mail and hopefully out to their recipients by Christmas.

(But, not stressing too much about that. I've been trying to be realistic about things lately - when I get stressed about something like, say, getting my Christmas cards to the people they're going to by December 25th, I stop and think: wait a sec, why is it SO important? It's not, really. If they get them at all, it's good.)

Just in case you wanted a gander at some of her beautiful designs and entertaining blog - that's where to go.

This time next week, I'll be posting from Montreal! Keep your eyes peeled in the meantime, I might just be doing some random posts between now and then.

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