Thursday, December 24, 2009

on est en train d'avoir du fun

I brought Christmas lights with us, and strung them up on the train. This way people seeing the train go by would see them.

We stopped in Moncton and I got out and walked along the platform, snapping shots. This is the very last car of the train.

Dining car: the next morning. Snowy Quebec passing by outside.

St. Viateur Bagel shop. I had read about it before going to Montreal, then when my uncle picked us up, we went straight there. A dozen sesame bagels, please. Wood-fired. Yum.

Nuts to this! Once we landed, I had an errand to go run. My uncle's fiancee, whose heritage is Egyptian, took me out to the mall. On the way there we stopped at "Noix Said", a shop that sells - you guessed it!- nuts. And a lot of other stuff. I bought 5 dollars worth of fresh pecans. Delicious.

At last night's dinner, we ate boeuf bourgignon, and the dining table was lit by votive candles in beautiful glass containers. French and English flew around the table in equal measures. My uncle and his fiancee call each other, "Habibi." So there's a little bit of Arabic, too.

We're running off to downtown to have smoked meat sandwiches. Tonight - most of the family gathers for a big dinner. Tomorrow - presents! And soon - more posts! I'm taking so many pictures, and I want to share them ALL.

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