Tuesday, June 10, 2008

computer hiatus

So my old computer of eight-odd years died not long ago, with an anti-climactic week of non-starting. "Disc Boot Failure — Insert Disc" it kept telling me over and over, and so after a week and a half I called my local "refurbished-computer" salesman and ordered a laptop*. It will arrive in a little bit, but until then I am computer-less**. Honestly, I'm enjoying this time away from the speedy, ad-filled channels of the Internet, but I did want to let faithful blog readers know what was going on. I haven't abandoned you! So tonight I came into the village, to the library, and am spending an hour of free high-speed Internet time culling the forwarded emails and things like that from my inbox, and posting this.

It's a beautiful late-spring (or would you call it early-summer?), with the apple trees just coming into blossom, and all the new, wet-looking green leaves on the trees. The sun is even shining today, and we have such long days this time of year! Everything is pretty and hazy, and young. A mowed lawn makes a property look like a person wearing a crisp, white shirt: simply put together.

I've been riding my bike a bunch, and today I got an apple tree for our property! I was and am very excited about this new "baby", a Honey Crisp, which I will plant in September, and which will live until then in the pot it came in, sunk into moist earth in a shady spot, to keep cool. No doubt I will write about baby Honey Crisp again!

You're all well, right?


*I won't go into the year or so of almost-deaths I have witnessed, and how there is no disc to insert, and all of that. Suffice it to say, I knew this was the end.

**With the exception of Mum's computer, but that is very slow. If I had to send a message to someone to save my life, then I might use that computer. I don't mean offense, it's just that it is really, really slow, and the days are so nice right now, that it frustrates me to sit still watching a page load for ten minutes. Y'know?

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