Tuesday, May 27, 2008

time travel, part one

I have spent that last three hours copying and pasting the archives of this blog onto my computer, to be saved onto disc. It's the first step of this project, the last step (hopefully) being a printed book with all the posts in it; at least, all the posts up to the moment it is printed. The book's just for me; I'm bankrolling this little endeavor in order to have a lasting, printed copy of my five-and-counting years of writing "huminbean". And I'll definitely be writing about it as the project continues, and letting you know how it goes!

But, wow, what a trip! I wasn't reading the entirety of the archives as I was doing my C&P, but I would read bits here and there. And when I'm designing and formatting the pages I'll be reading even more. I don't often think about the immensity of these archives, but doing this project it's right there in my face. I'm excited for what I'll uncover, for what posts I've completely forgotten about, for seeing if and how my writing "voice" has changed, for "time travelling" from 2002 through to 2008.

Oh and, I realize "immensity" is relative. I guess when I use the word I mean: the immensity of these archives to me, the weight of five-and-some YEARS of my own writing, which is usually left undisturbed in the musty closet of cyberspace.

I'm excited.

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