Thursday, November 2, 2006

whooping it up

Well, Halloween IS over, but I thought I would scare November away by appearing as my true self my Halloween costume. As Janice reminds us, November is actually the cruellest month, not April, and it needs some scaring away. It is, after all, the month of bare branches, cold rainy days and nights, and long assignments and hours spent in front of the computer completing these assignments, energy ebbing as a result.

In order to fend off the November blahs, I...

  • drink ginger tea. So spicy, so delicious!
  • buy a nice hand-cream or oil of some kind (I haven't done this yet, but I'm thinking I will, and it will smell of nutmeg or cinnamon)
  • go to Sue Lawrence with my ladyfriend, the aforementioned Janice
  • send silly sailor photos to said sailors
  • use crayons, often and without moderation
  • put on my devil horns, all glittery and awesome, and hang out with my room-mates pretending not to notice and see how long they give me funny looks.
  • take lots of naps--you can't hate a month if you spend half of it sleeping!

What do you do? And do you want to come over and bring your own crayons?

Also, I think the following ladyfriend needs a solid round of blog applause: Miss Laura "runs with hotdogs" Nelson-Hamilton. Miss Laura not only put on the wildly successful Trick Or Eat (read all about it! extra, extra!)
but she is also humble about it. I think any whoopie pies consumed in this city, from this day forward, should be consumed in the name of Laura. We drink to Gill, we clap for Nigeria, and from today on we eat whoopie pies for Laura. Any complaints?

So, hip hip hurray for Lozza! And boo to November. Tell me about it.

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