Sunday, October 29, 2006

for all the ladies in the house...

...I just added to my links a link to the Menstrual Cup Support livejournal community, because they have been so helpful to me during my recent switch to more sustainable menstrual cycles.

(By the way, if all of that is too much information, simply skip this post and scroll down to the friendly, non-menstrual-related pumpkin below.)

If you use the cup and want to browse around reading other women's thoughts/questions/advice, it's a really great site. You do need to be a member of LiveJournal to post to it, but that's no great big deal; it is free, after all. Anyway, they really are a helpful crew of ladies. The link can be found in the "Information and Creation" section.

Also, speaking of ladies in houses, check out Maggie, Sarah Trainor and Maggie's sister Robin as the foxy all-lady band "Panda Zebra Penguin" trying and unfortunately failing to win a prize at Boom last night. I wasn't there because I was curled up on the couch in front of some Sex and the City DVDs, devouring anything related to Peanut Butter (i.e. a pack of Reese's and then later just plain old PB and Honey on a spoon), but I was there in spirit. Or, something. Well, don't they look awesome??

Maybe later I'll show ya'll MY awesome costume...if you're good. Or bad, in this case.

Hint: I bought it at the dollar store.
Other hint: It has sequins, but you wouldn't think it should.

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