Thursday, October 26, 2006

BYOG on the blog

This pumpkin is from an artist named Kat Beyer who I found on Google just now. I think it's splendid.

Also, I'm going to make pumpkin soup today, I think. Mollie Katzen has a recipe for Arizona Pumpkin Soup that takes one can of pureed pumpkin and by God, I have a can! Left over from Thanksgiving two years ago, when I made three pies of pumpkin and one of pecan. Hopefully it won't pull the same nasty trick that the coconut milk pulled the other day at Laura's house (when we opened it, it had turned to the consistency of yogurt, or maybe even really stiff facial cream). Time will tell. I'll also have to doctor the recipe a little and make it Fredericton Pumpkin Soup, maybe leave out a few of the chiles.

I miss Cape Breton a little today. I miss the slow feeling of Fall there, how you can put on your wool socks and gumboots and take a walk down a dirt road and make soups. I'm generalizing a little, of course--there are non-slow days in Cape Breton and it's possible to slow down in other places, too--but still.

I've really got to find myself some gumboots here so I can stop whining about them!

Oh and speaking of gumboots, when Dan gets here and we all get back after Christmas, we're totally having a Gumboot Party and mixing up some of those drinks. Whiskey and Sambuca, people. It's the new black. And if you want to get a little crazy, BYOCS: Bring Your Own Chocolate Syrup. But definitely BYOG.

In other news, today should definitely be International Django Reinhardt Day. There is nothing like a little gypsy guitar to whimsy-fy the chillest of fall days!

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