Wednesday, October 18, 2006

a day for red gumboots, too bad I haven't got any

I got a little tired of putting webcam pictures up. "Good," you're saying, "I got a little sick of seeing your mug!" Well, that makes two of us. Or however many of you read this, I really don't know what that number is. All I know is, I thought it was high time for another delightfully good photo by Marlo, my room-mate. This also features a mug, however, it is not mine. It is Marlo's, and she drinks tea out of it, daily.

She took this last year but the kitchen hasn't changed much. And on a day like today, when it rains and rains outside and my jeans get wet walking home and a cup of hot Chai with four Simple Pleasures Chocolate Thins is a grand idea, it is also a really nice place to hang out, read scholarly articles, and hear the rain pattering against the window. No, rain really does patter. Have you ever listened to it? It's a day for bundling, for wearing sweaters, for warming stew.

Today's also one of those days you want to pack up the van (or whatever vehicle you have, provided it has cover, like a Volvo, a Subaru, an Audi if you're lucky) and head somewhere, most likely west if you're east, or east if you're west. Get out of the ordinary and see new places. I have a hankering for the Yukon. I was looking at the map of Canada on the side of my fridge earlier (not just procrastinating, although God knows I'm a Gold Medal winner in that category) and imagining places like Ross River, Elsa, Old Crow. What would they look like? Could I rent a house for cheap? Could I help harvest the last of a limp, frost-bitten garden, and drink hot coffee in the mornings, and wear plaid and gumboots?

Between tea in my kitchen and moving to the Yukon, I can bet which is actually going to happen today. But while we're dreaming, what would you do with a full tank of gas and all the time in the world?

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