Friday, October 13, 2006

why fridays rock


Actually, I should reveal I'm not exactly the kind of indie/music nut who waits for CDs to come out, unless they are by Jill Scott (and seriously, she's got to release something new soon or I think I might have to just go to her house and ask her to sing for me). But it's kinda cool that the one I got is so new that it isn't even on their website yet. And as you can tell, it's good. Just look at that smile on my face! (This webcam stuff is awesome, Laura. I have to say. 100 whoopy pies for you, stat.)

Also why this Friday rocked: Laura and I poked around the shops! I held a baby! (Alphonsus, 7 mos. Big kid! And he held my hair in his little hand and tried to get into my mouth--a little fresh, in my opinion--and we played stare-eyes and he definitely won.) We befriended the record-store guy! I was remembered as "Peanut Butter Girl" by someone who works at Aura!

Enough exclamation points. The real point is that it's been a good day. The kind of weather where you don't want to go inside and do work, you want to wander around the leafy streets wearing a red hat and smiling at people with dogs.

Maybe I'll finally get my bicycle tire filled and go for a riverside ride. Or maybe not...that can be my winter project.

Today's question (because I love asking ya'll questions): if you could go to a record store and root around for an hour or so and come out with one CD, what are you in the mood for right now? If you've done this recently, what was the album?

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