Thursday, October 12, 2006

for whom does the closh toll? it tolls for me

Closh --or Claire and Josh, those two love-birds-- are here on thier way out to Ontario. They've got the Wasabi Princess (Claire's motorbike) and the old white Eurovan, and they're making thier way slowly. Last night they stopped by here and we went down to the Snooty Fox for some grub, and it was so good that it took us twice as long to walk home as it did to walk there. Then they played Backgammon while I read my school readings. It was a good evening. They're off right now exploring Fredericton and will be back to bid me adieu and head off. And meanwhile, I have some porridge to eat and some Reading Notes to write...

Also, yesterday, Bourassa (aforementioned hyper English prof) exclaimed, "Cormac McCarthy put out a new book!" and clutched it with white hands in front of the class. He read us a passage--one eyebrow doing a little dance the whole time--in a deep voice, then when he was done, squealed, "Eeeee! Isn't it great?" And just last week, he was Mick Jagger. Who knew.

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