Friday, September 8, 2006

keening and moaning

School's back in. It's a little overwhelming to be back in the rush and tumble of academic life, collecting syllabuses--or is that syllabi? or silly busses?--and notes and books and times to meet up with friends and grocery bills and errands to run. However, mostly it is good, it's a good feeling to be back in Fredericton, looking at leaves turning color, everyone's fashions this year (this from a girl who is devoted to Vogue yet whose style remains much the same through the years), catching up with how everyone's summer went. (The go-to response for most people: "Yeah, it was a great summer!" You have to encapsulate it, I guess, for the short conversation. The longer ones leave room for detail.)

My wireless is not hooked up yet, but we're working on it. My classes all seem to be good so far, although I'm working on not being scared of failure. (Hey, don't preach to me about how ridiculous it is to feel that way. I still do.)

My room is pretty much together. There are posters on the walls, new ones and old ones. I seem to decorate a little differently than first year. I'm more selective now. I see the merits of only a few images, spaced out on the wall, as opposed to cramming lots of stuff on there. Old photographs of family members (such as the engagement photo of my lovely grandparents Noble), band posters, postcards, and maps tend to hold forth on this bean's walls.

Today I met up with Kate, accidentally, at the bookstore, and we ended up ranting about keeners. "Down with keeners!" She said. "But wait," I said, "I'm a keener. We're both keeners! What are we going to do?" We decided we're the anti-keeners, or alterna-keeners, as 90's as that sounds. She went off to study her Greek and I went home to do some of my first readings, exhibiting the very paradoxical behaviour that makes us both hate keeners and... succeed.

Hate's a strong word. But still.

How's classes treating all of you? Or, if you're not in school, what are you looking forward to learning about this fall?

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