Monday, September 11, 2006



The wireless gods and goddesses have smiled upon me in my hour of need. This morning, frustrated with technology that wouldn't work (apparently I had the wrong operating system for the wireless adapter and it took three hours for technicians of both companies to figure that out), foriegn-accented call-center technicians I could hardly understand (but who were polite, nonetheless), and being tired in general and potentially late for class specifically, I shouted some foul words into the air and gave up on the whole thing. "I'll figure this out when I get home tonight," I thought, in one of my few rational seconds, and also, "I just need to replace the adapter with one that works." (Never mind that that means trekking back to Staples and taking up more of my time. Never mind all that--I was trying to calm myself and be rational.)

I go to school. I take some notes. I see some people, do some research at the library. Every now and again I take a moment to stew over the idea that I might have dial-up for another year, since my computer is getting archaic by today's standards, and it would not be pleasant, but hell, I could deal with that. It's not like having to lose your legs. It's just internet.

I walk home. It's a sunny afternoon. I meet Julie on the way home and she tells me that her apartment has a rat, and she just went to Canadian Tire to get a rat trap. My situation could really be worse.

I get home, turn on the dial-up, am about to check my email when I notice--what is this? The four bars on my desktop which are normally red are GREEN??? Meaning, connected? What on EARTH? I don't think I've been this excited since Christmas 1990! I turn off the dial-up, attempt to load a page, which sort of works. Ok, ok, I'm dancing around the room, trying to figure this out. I use the cradle that holds the USB-adapted further away from the computer and closer to the signal, in the hopes that this might be it, turn the computer back on, look for the green bars and--there they are!

I do trampoline-style jumps around the room.

I am fully aware that this might not last, for whatever strange logic and power gave me wireless could take it away. For the moment, though, it's blowing my mind, and that of my computer. It has never seen pages load this fast! The ticker on the Globe and Mail website actually WORKS!

Halle-friggin-lulah. Like Donald says every year we finish the haymaking, "I can hear the choir!"

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