Tuesday, April 4, 2006

celtic time-travel sexfest

As the year draws to a close, I'd like to thank the novels that got me through this last semester. Although things are relatively chill right now, in terms of schoolwork, this last semester started out with me sick with a cold that wouldn't go, tired from the semester before, and then it continued to be busy and stressful with a few extra projects on the side. These projects were, of course, ultimately rewarding--essays and presentations like for the Ideas fair that really allowed me to cut my teeth academically. (Where does that saying come from, anyhow? Cutting teeth.. weird.) But I was stressed by it all, and halfway through January took Catriona's suggestion to take out this book, Outlander, by Diana Gabaldon, from the library. Dubious, I did so, thinking "Yeesh, it's an old lady book!" But I began reading it on the bus home that day, and I have not been sorry.

My friends have been, mind you. I have to apologize to all of you who've listened to me prattle on about Jamie and Claire, but seriously, it's like I've been living two lives this past semester: one is here in Fredericton of present day, and one is in Scotland of 1745.

I'm on the third one now, Voyager. I might take a break after this one...after all, there are six out now and I'm going to need something to escape to next semester!

In other news, speaking of the year being nearly over, my choir is done for this semester. We sang on Friday at school and raised $110 for the local homeless shelter, where we sang on Sunday. The men shuffled in and out throughout our performance, and didn't clap much, but we were later told by our accompaniest, who is a volunteer at the shelter, that we held their attention the longest of any of the acts who have come in on Sunday nights to play music.

As I was leaving the shelter with my choir, I was standing by a young guy in a chair, who had just heard us perform. I said, "Did you like it?" He sort of grinned, then said, "Well, I'll put it this way, I've heard worse!" "Oh!" I laughed, pretending to be offended, "So you're saying you wouldn't pay money to see us, then?" He laughed, and I went on my way.

This year has been really good, unexpectedly good, in fact. I've met some really great folks (this girl is one of them, for sure) and pushed myself to new limits. The moment constantly teaches me not to have expectations for what has yet come to pass...because it will surpass them, one way or another.

Now--back to my book! Or, as my friend Ben put it, my "Celtic time-travel sexfest". That's it exactly.

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