Wednesday, March 29, 2006

popular opinion poll

Today was really warm: people at school had on skirts, sandals, shorts, and were playing games where you toss things like frisbees and footballs to other people. I wore my Birks down to the Superstore, where I bought an organic chocolate bar (Cocoa Camino) and went home and ate the whole thing. Women, you probably know what this means. Men, if you don't by now, you haven't had a serious relationship with a woman.

By the way, these are the glasses I'm going to get. What do you think? Check the detail at the corner where the lens doesn't meet the frame: not a defect! I like it. Don't they look edgy, professional, sassy? Much like me. Err. Do edgy, professional, sassy women eat whole chocolate bars? Of course they do. Ok--we're good.

Also, how did I not hear Sufjan Stevens til now? Matt Savoie, bless his heart, made me a mix. It makes me want to hang out in a cabin in the woods, one with a tin roof, while it rains and friends make food and I drink hot chocolate and read a good book. Green summer trees outside. That's what his music makes me think of.

Fredericton is turning into spring, alarmingly early. I am alarmed because I am an environmentalist, pay no attention to the alarmed environmentalist in the corner! Ply her with chocolate and Sufjan Stevens and she will be content.

Also, did I tell you all I'm excited for April because in it I will turn twenty-two, and go home to Cape Breton, to ride bikes with Catriona in the sun, and plan a trip for May? If that's how my mood strikes me. We shall see.

More importantly: what do you think of the glasses?

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