Saturday, March 25, 2006

buying stuff makes me happy, sometimes. don't judge.

Not that I wasn't is good right now, even given all the things I can complain about. But today I went to the market and got the usual bread, cheese, eggs, veggies, 2 spring rolls, and then went to the cafe (accompanied all this time by Gill and Laura) where I bought a coffee and a chocolate-chip oatcake. By the way, I think these oatcakes were personally designed by God, they really are perfect. Thick, and loaded with chocolate, and they break apart in good-sized chunks. They complement a coffee absolutely, as well. Just sweet enough. But anyway, I digress.

So I got my coffee and oatcake, and we all sat around laughing and talking like Sex and the City meets Fredericton (not that exciting a combination, in reality--the fashion and the sex lives tend to suffer by the location*). Then after more downtown wandering (with Marlo and Momo, who joined us at the cafe, serendipitously), we stopped by Kings Place and I broke down and bought... first hair dryer, ever! With a diffuser and everything. As I said to Maggie this afternoon, in another installment of our long-distance relationship via MSN, it cracks me up when relatively-cheap products advertise on their packaging all the things they have to offer, especially when they are things inherent to the product that someone buying it takes for granted. Such as, my recently-purchased ConAir 1625 proclaims that it has "2 speed/heat settings--Cool shot--Hang ring". Sweet! Two settings! What a bonus! Also, the toilet paper that Michelle buys (not the recycled kind, and hence a little cheaper) states that it "does not clog septic systems". Well, I should hope not! Why would such a toilet paper be on the market at all?

I also bought a new lip gloss. Burt's Bees. "Watermelon Pink." So, yeah, check me out. Talk about a make-over! And soon I'm going to have new glasses. You won't recognize me, serious.

In other, non-consumer-related news, I'm fighting off a cold, which has encroached to the point that now I am sneezing a fair bit. I'm getting lots of sleep, taking two or three vitamin C's a day, drinking lots of water, and not overdoing anything. In fact, I think I'm under-doing--I was accused the other day of saying "No" whenever I'm asked to do something by a real live person. (Ahem, Laura.) That may be true, but the cold didn't ask, so I couldn't say No. Still, I'm doing my best to keep it at bay. Only a few more weeks of school!

Oh and speaking of school, hello to Sabastian Glass, one of the people who livens up James Dunn Hall cafeteria, who only reads this blog in order to see if his own name has been mentioned. Tee, hee.

*I don't mean to insult my lovely female friends' sense of style, since they are well-dressed girls. I just mean, we are not Sarah Jessica Parker, and this is not New York City. What do you expect?

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