Tuesday, March 21, 2006

happy birthday david!

"Gentlemen, would you not agree that with my righteous 'fro and my crushed-velvet jacket, I can take over the world???" -- Suzuki to the United Nations Security Council, c. 1970.

This Friday, this man--eminent scholar, reputable activist, sex symbol??--is turning 70! If you didn't have a reason to go out this weekend, well, here's a damn good one. What better person to drink to than David Suzuki, one of the Top Ten Canadians (according to that CBC thing a few years ago), and undeniably an attractive septagenarian. Some of you may know that I joke sometimes about getting Suzuki's face tattoed on my butt...perhaps I ought to commemorate his 70th birthday bash by visiting one of Fredericton's fine tattoo parlours?

If tattoos aren't your thing, at least check out his website. And, if you want to see David imitating Adam, go here and scroll to the bottom. Apparently, this image is NOT Photo-shopped. (Image perhaps not suitable for young children.)

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