Saturday, March 18, 2006

it's been a good day so far.


I went downtown to the market at 9 am with some of the girls. We stopped at Laura's to get her and Dan, then walked the rest of the way. The market was busy because we were there a little later than normal, and the walkways were crowded. That's part of the fun of the market, though: you get closer than normal to all sorts of interesting people, old men with beards, babies, chattering French ladies. I got medium cheddar, some Balkan yogurt, some tomatoes, two veggie spring rolls which I ate, greasy and hot, straight out of the bag. Yum.

Then we all went to the cafe and had lattes and espressos and whatever else, picking at parts of the Globe and Mail, talking about spring trips we all want to take to places as diverse as England, the Himalayas, BC, the Yukon. After that we hadn't had enough of downtown, so we went to Backstreet Records (on the second floor of an old, creaky building) and picked out interesting vinyl and CDs, always a fun time in that little shop with all the posters and things tacked up all over the walls.

Now I'm home, and I've pinned my hair up in four little buns to curl it. I'm listening to all the Suzanna Vega I've acquired over the past week (three albums! I can't get enough!) and thinking about how to use the package of silken tofu in the fridge: either in a vegetable dip or in chocolate pudding. Not sure yet. If it turns out nice, I'll let ya'll know. The only way this weekend could get any more asocial and relaxing is if there was a storm...come on, Mama Nature!

What did you do all day?

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