Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Your little 'bean did it!

Today was the St. Thomas University Annual Research and Ideas Fair, which you can read all about at that link. I, a mere second year student, was asked by an English professor to present a paper I'd written last semester, a request to which I first responded: "Huh? For that?" The paper, was, after all, about drag queens and Shakespeare. But he said, "No, for sure!" And so, even though it seemed daunting, I decided to do it--mostly for the experience, since it is good to get as much public speaking under one's belt as possible, especially if one is thinking of a career in teaching.

If I'd known the nerves I'd have the day before, I might not have made that decision, but all in all it paid off. I could probably recite "His Fancy's Queen: Shakespeare's Twelfth Night in Drag!" in my sleep now, but it paid off. My audience was mostly friends, but for 10 am on a day when no-one actually had to be at school that's saying a lot. And everyone laughed at the funny bits! I'm so pleased.

I spent the rest of the day at school taking in more of the presentations, which was cool. I learned about Zapatistas, sex with demons, objectification of desire in Troilus and Cressida, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, relaxation techniques and meditation, and feminism compared with body hair removal practices. (That last one was Jan's, and I gotta tell you, she frigging rocked. I would have thrown my bra at the lectern, Jan, but you might have lit it on fire in the spirit of things, and then we'd be in real trouble.) And that was just a sample of all the fabulous presentations! I also drank too much coffee and ate some of the free food so, ah, generously provided by Aramark. (Can you tell I'm bitter that there was no free lunch? Fuckers. But then I guess such a thing doesn't exist, so there you go.) The choir I'm in also sang, which ended the day, and has put me in a great mood ever since.

All in all, a day that I thoroughly enjoyed but I'm also equally glad is over and done with. Now--more schoolwork! And tomorrow night, the tantalizing Hawksley Workman in concert at the Students' Union Building, for the low low price of 18 bones. HuzZAH.

(Here, for your viewing pleasure, is a picture of the STU campus on a bright, sunny day, teeming with its diverse, multicultural intellectual community and showcasing its lush lawns. Yes, I have had too much coffee.)

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