Saturday, February 11, 2006

longjohns and coffee and pop psychology, oh my!

I was directed by Rabi to this fun little exercise in self-analyzing (as if I don't do enough of that already!) ... if you do me, I'll do you! Don't take that in any dirty sense. Just point and click.

What a lovely day it's been so far. I woke at 8 am, on purpose, and jumped into longjohns and then jeans (it was minus 17 at that point! That's cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey!) and headed to the market, where I got breakfast with Chris and wandered around looking at things, buying the things that I have a weakness for (tomatoes, apple cider). After taking the bus home (and in that caffeine zone, where everything is lovely and all the people on the bus are perfect in their imperfections), I'm home sending emails that have lingered too long in my head, listening to Feist and Jamie Cullum's sweet music, thinking about cleaning the bathroom, and happy, in every way.

So, yeah. Take five minutes from your online routine and tell me what you think of me. It's not at all official psychology, but who needs that, anyway. All we need is longjohns, really. And coffee.

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