Tuesday, November 1, 2005

what the ... ?

It is ludicrously warm here for November 1rst: 15 degrees Celsius. I wore jeans and a corduroy blazer to school today. November! Need I mention past Novembers, where you bundle up against the chill and tuck your ears into your scarf, huddling against the wind and the smell of snow on the air? There are supposed to be copious rains turning the leaves to brown mush in the streets, and indoor coffee klatches, and dreams of next spring. Not this! Everyone else is saying how nice it is--not me! I prefer my seasons well delineated, not all over the place, fall acting like summer when it feels like it, winter refusing to snow. It's strange, frankly, to look out across the river and the view from campus and see a summery haze in the air, on November first. I don't like it.

Anyone else's thoughts on seasons? Weather patterns? Global warming? No judgements here! Bring it out...

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