Monday, October 24, 2005

good things

Not to get all Martha Stewart on us...well, yeah, I suppose I am getting all Martha Stewart on us...but fall and getting stress under control makes me feel like compiling lists.

So, without further ado, let's all think hard about "Good Things":

--yogurt from the market. A little sour, thick and creamy, perfect with those thin chocolate cookies I also like to dip into hot tea.

--sweaters! To quote Hawksley: "Get a sweater, and you'll feel better."

--random words from the dictionary. Such as: "coleslaw" (did you know it comes from the Dutch 'koolsla'?), or "serpiginous" (look that one up, it's somewhat cool).

--good conversations with friends, whether in the cafeteria over hot chocolate (fairly traded, dark chocolate, I might add) or over phone, in my bedroom.

--Ani Difranco's spelunky folk guitar on the stereo.

--The thought of my cats from home curled on my bed, if only.

This is sort of a random list, mostly meant to convey that I am content right now, happy to have learned from last week, happy to know now that everything shifts and changes, and that perfection is not the goal, it's just to learn and to live. Also, isn't Fall nice, in its chill and the fire-smoke on the breeze? School's busy, and the world's going a little crazy, but I've still got sweaters, and the thought of cats. And Seb! Tomorrow night!

And even if you hate Martha, what's on your list of good things?

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