Friday, September 30, 2005

lentils, etc

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So I had a good day today. I went and found the Student Health Center, which meant going down a road I'd never really known was there and venturing into (gasp) the UNB campus! A whole other world with aliens, and strange beings! (Well, no, unfortunately, not really. It'd be pretty cool if an alternate universe existed right down the road, but it doesn't. Or does it....??)

I got my doctor's note, and mailed a letter, and went back to campus. At 11:30 I went to my first class, Sociology, and then Philosophy, and realized somewhere in there how much I had missed classes. Yes, I know, classes are annoying places we have to sit to take lecture notes and find out about the assignments, but ... I like them a lot. I like how the profs can rant, dance, sing, tear up paper, fold up paper, do all sorts of things to express ideas to us neophytes.

(In Sociology I found myself imagining that we were in Communist Russia or some sort of future communist/other hybrid society, and we had much fewer resources, no oil, etc, and we lucky students were privileged to have an education at all, and we were all so excited to be there, as excited as I was to be able to walk without being weak, in the presence of a great scholar, listening to him expound with fervor on his version of the truth. I imagined the walls were a bit shabbier, that the steam coming up the side of the building outside the window was from some industrial pipe, and that we didn't have the variety of glossy foods we have available to us these days, but rather only soups made from lentils, etc.)

Then in English we talked about Beowulf, and my group at the table were the silly bunch of us who have migrated to one another's company since the class began, more out of loose association than real friendship (though not in the case of Bethany or Neal; they are real friends, so far as I know). Throughout the lecture we whispered little jokes or gave raised-eyebrow looks, even though the subject matter was interesting.

This is what I missed, when I was lying home in my bed, sick. There's no way to sum up how I feel towards school, especially on returning, except with that vague, yet ubiquitous word, love.

Or.. wait.. is that word "lentils"?

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