Tuesday, August 9, 2005

los canicula = the dog days

August is speeding up, getting hotter, and offering more goodies than July was. What I mean is, July was full of down time, me time, river time, and August is friends-time, sun-time, all the time. I love it.

My cousin Andrew was up from the US for a visit last week. It was whirlwind and filled with fun, as you'd expect. Mat and I met him in January in Ohio, and we all became fast friends, and he loves the Cape Breton/Gaelic culture, so of course he had to pay a visit at some point. Also, dear Jan and dear Gill were up, and we coordinated all three visitors into a BBQ at Kathy and Donnie's. Chaos with burgers and a begging dog. Oh and a broken chair!

August in Cape Breton, if you are working a full-time job, is kind of like having a bunch of balloons or things falling out of the sky at you. You can look up and see them, dodge a few, and some will miss you altogether through no action of your own. Some will hit. This metaphor is meant in the nicest way possible--I certainly don't think of my friends as falling bombs. What I mean is that all sorts of people come to the island to play, especially in the last month of summer, and all are well-meaning in wanting to spend time with us locals. But it's simply the number of them and the vagueness with which they want to "see you" or "hang out" that makes it difficult to plan. The best bet is to always keep a few bottles of wine or beer on hand, and cultivate your ability to live in the moment.

Actually, that's not a bad way to be, all the time.

Mum and I are heading to the beach. Trust me, even if I'm not writing often, I'm thining of all of you. I'll be back with new, never-before-seen gusto in September!!

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