Friday, August 19, 2005

dew on our toes

I worked a 7-day week last week and these are my days off. It feels so good, and I think that is due to the contrast between time spent for someone else, and time spent for me. The more of the former you are forced to go through, the more you will appreciate the latter. Kind of like waking up in the morning to chilly fall weather--the warm bed and sheets seem that much more appealing.

Yesterday I took my new bicycle out for a, haha, spin. A friend of my Mum's who builds bikes out of old parts custom-built one for me to take back to Fredericton in the fall--hooray! It has a rack on the back for storage of things, and runs so smooth. I love it. I took it into Baddeck, along the Bay Road, along the Bras d'Or Lake, and the wind was strong and the lake was blue. A great ride. In town, Catriona and I went for lunch, I got to hang out with an artist/friend of ours, Herb Rosenberg, and I drank lots of coffee. I did errands in town, then rode home. When I was in town, I bought two magazines for my perusal--Harper's, and Glamour. I think those two sum up my interests pretty well. (The new Vogue wasn't out yet.)

Work is winding down. The end is in sight--I'm not sure when it will be, but sometime in the next two weeks. Then I will pack up things into boxes, pack Mum's little VW Golf, and drive off into the sunset. Actually, we're thinking about driving the Sunrise Trail on the way to New Brunswick and checking out the Jost Winery, if there is time. So, driving off onto the Sunrise, to paraphrase.

This morning Mum and I went out into the garden after breakfast. She is growing heritage tomatoes for a friend of hers, so we went out with the measuring tape to see how high, how wide, how many tomatoes, etc. I was in my pajamas and bare feet, doing the measuring.The plants have names like "Camp Joy", "Maura", "Principe B", and "Olan". Some are short and compact, some are tall and leggy. Some have tomatoes in clusters and the size of golf balls, others are tiny, spaced out from stem to stem. There still remain some yellow flowers, waiting for Mr. Right Bee. (Or Ms, actually.) It was fun to be out there, among the sprawling zucchini, the stinky clary sage, the fat peas, and the grapevines, with the blue sky rolling white clouds by overhead. Me and Mum in our nightgowns and the dew on our toes.

Off to take another bike ride, and do day off things. School is coming up soon! I am both excited for the change, and sad to leave Cape Breton and to know that time has passed. IS that what Dali was talking about when he said that humans must deal with the "anguish of spacetime"? I don't know, all I know is that's what change means. I'm going to embrace it.

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