Wednesday, August 31, 2005

8 things to do

I just got back in the house. Dad helped me move from North River, and we packed his truck full of my boxes and my bike, and my various bags. There is so much stuff! And yet, I packed it like a whirling dervish, in one hour, from noon to one, since I had left it all to the very last. It has all come down to this time. Hard to believe.

So now here I am, like an ad for laptops, surrounded by boxes, wrapped in a blanket, sitting on the floor, listening to Joss Stone, and playing catch up with emails, etc. I have three more days here, in which I must:

  1. pack. (this includes cleaning Eli's stuff out of my room so I can do it unemcumbered)
  2. get a wax. (well, I'm only being honest.)
  3. write a blog or two about how the summer ended/went, since I slacked a little at the end there.
  4. bike into Baddeck with Catriona to have our final Water's Edge lunch.
  5. hang out with folks (Claire, Mat, Dad, assorted friends)
  6. wrap up all loose ends and make beginnings in Fredericton.
  7. focus and prepare my brain for the strenuous learning ahead.
  8. focus and prepare my psyche for the change ahead.

So. Joss Stone, I must say, for all of her popularity, is actually really good. Soulful, etc.

Also, I think we should all read our horoscope once in a while, even if our inner cynics are screaming. (My inner cynic has been sufficiently subdued with a bottle of Disaronno and some mango juice.) Mine's Taurus. What's your sign, baby?

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