Saturday, September 3, 2005

"here comes a freight train, get on board"

This is the last post from Cape Breton, at least for another few months. It is nearing eleven, I am waiting for Dad to pick me up so we can go into town and have tea and talk a little. Gillian Welch and her quiet, country-soaked bluegrass is on the stereo.

"I had a real good mother and father
And they surely stood the test..."

I am mostly packed. Clothes, makeup, jewels, hair thingies, and toiletries will be the last to be consigned to boxes and bags. I have my books, my CDs, the stereo, and most foodstuffs that Mum is giving me all ready. I have my brain in full Chill Out Mode, as that is the only way to both assimilate and cherish the memories of this wonderful summer I've just had and prepare for the unknown up ahead. And maybe some of you have noticed my clever use of the HTML with the list in the last post, crossing out things as I've gotten around to them? Hee hee...I'm proud of my coding abilities, however pitiful they might be.

Up next: a day spent saying goodbye, and having fun. Then: a drive to New Brunswick! Woot!

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