Thursday, July 28, 2005

i'm not a rock star, but i'm alright

The sun's out! I woke this morning up in North River to a gloomy, overcast, windy day, the kind where you're certain it's going to rain. The horses in the barn were neighing like they always do in the morning, loud and urgently, for someone from the house to come down and let them out or in, depending. They can sense when someone in the house is awake, even though it is up a little hill and relatively far away. I woke at 6, and got up relatively soon afterward, since there's not much point in getting an extra five minutes' sleep, really.

Then, after breakfast and chatting to Kathy and Donald in the kitchen, and packing an overnight bag, I got in Kathy's "little blue" (a Ford pickup) and we drove bumpity-bump over the frost-heaved Cabot Trail, a secondary highway, along the river and then the bay. We joined the TCH at Exit 11, and came into Baddeck Bay. The pavement was a darker grey from the rain last night. The air felt wet.

Now, I am here at Mum's, doing my usual internet checkup (is it still alive? still breathing?), and the sun's come out. My plans for the day are (and beware, they are candid): a bikini wax (youch!!), shopping for Claire's birthday prezzie (nice and relaxing), and then pizza and beers for supper (yum!).

Each day seems fertile and amazing these days, even the crap ones. School and the fall and cooler weather are not far off, so I have to try hard to see each moment as now, and not just as slipping through my fingers, though of course it does that too. I constantly debate in my head my fall studies, what I should be taking, if English and Poli Sci and all the rest of it is really valuable. Sometimes I am my own worst critic, other times my best supporter. Depends on if I've had my morning coffee or not.

Well, I'd best be off and enjoy this weather! Maybe I'll go walk barefoot in the grass and get my feet wet with dew. I think that would be a most pleasant activity.

PS: For those of you who might be interested, a few links...

Shape Shift Pottery's kind of clunky website, representing the place where I work and play... but mostly work.

North River Kayak Tours' website...where Mat (my little bro) and Claire (best friend since we met at the age of three) work and play (but mostly play) ...check out "Our Crew" to see them. What hotties!

Yes, I now have a LiveJournal. I know, I'm not a rock star, who do I think I am? It'll get a bit of a facelift, but I'm, err, keepin' it real. Yo.

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