Saturday, July 23, 2005

would y'all mind?

Now, you all know me, and you know I'm not a very demanding person. (Well, about some things, like service from my elected representatives, or how far a good pair of jeans should take you.) But in general, I'm not the type who insists on lots of feedback from folks. Most of the time I happily blog away, puttering and enjoying the comments, then puttering again. But I had an idea that I thought most of you wouldn't balk at...

I was thinking about blogs, and how much I do this thing called blogging, and how much (like brushing my teeth or reading a novel) it has become a part of my life. And when I blog, and you have readers who appreciate what's posted, you start to feel a little obligated to them: to be somewhat fresh and current every now and again. However, I'm not sure of the total list of readers, and since it is you who volunteers comments, sometimes I feel like I'm shouting into a great black room, without even an echo for comfort.

So I was wondering, if it wasn't too much of a problem, if you'd post a little something about you. Like, how often you come to see what I'm saying (and I won't be insulted if it's once a month, I just want to know), or how long you've read my words, or what you think of me (again, be honest, please)...thinking of the blog-iverse as a relationship might be going a bit far, but the fact remains that communication is important. I know I'm just "Leah's Blog", not Condé Nast, but still...what you are thinking matters to me.

And the upshot of all this is that I'm thinking about what's to come once the summer is over. I'll be back in school, with more access to the Internet. I'm thinking about learning HTML, probably giving the "h'bean" a re-design for her 3rd birthday, and thinking about what would accompany such a change. Who cares? Who doesn't? In order for this self-absorption to be really fun for me (and for you), I need to know.

So--what do you (the person sitting there with your hand on the mouse, and reading off the screen) get out of this?

Y'all get the point by now, I think.

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