Monday, May 9, 2005


Wow! What a week it's been. Patti, Mum and I drove home to Cape Breton last week (and, as I wrote here, hit a deer. That sucked. But all in all the ride was good). The week home was an odd mix of feeling on vacation, at home, stressed out, in the middle of nowhere, and at peace. Also, I slept a lot and dealt with a lot. But I suppose that's how it goes. Then we drove back last Sunday (bless Mum's heart and stamina for all this driving) and today, Monday, Patti graduated.

Yes, graduated!! It was an overcast day at first, and we all worried it would rain, since the convocation was being held in the courtyard in the middle of the campus. But, it held off, and then halfway through the ceremony the sun came out. Of course it was going to. I mean, that's sort of the rules, isn't it?

So we all sat there and listened to speeches and clapped and stood up and then sat back down again, as we were meant to. We smiled and congratulated and hugged and snapped pictures. Afterwards there was lots of pizza that Patti's parents purchased (mm, how I love alliteration) and, oh yeah, after hugs and temporary goodbyes to the Reid St. girls we are here doing the final preparation for summer leaving.

I tell ya, it's a bit weird. My walls are blank and white, and sounds are different in my room now. I don't know if that's because they bounce off now un-decorated walls more than before, or maybe just that I'm expected it to be weird, so it is. I don't know. The few remaining items--red telephone, cowboy hat, lamp, computer--take on an art gallery feel against the pure white of shelves and walls. It's like my room has become an exhibit. So what does that make me?

So this is the part where I talk about what I've learned this year. You'd think there'd be lofty morals and tales of deep reaches into the soul. I suppose there are those, but articulating them would take a while, and besides, they are more educational for me than for anyone else. (Any by educational, I mean fun to read about.) But I did learn a lot about dance moves (Patti's!), living with two other people in tight quarters (and how that means you should cut down on being a recycling nerd, sometimes), and, OK, let's get sappy, the power of girlfriends. Without Jan and her posse, and the other strong and funny women I met this year, I wouldn't have changed and learned as much as I did. Men are great, and love is grand, but when they're in short supply, and even when they're not, it's your gang of girlfriends who will do the goofy, sexy, adventurous things with you. No matter what.

OK. Enough sap, even if it is true.

I am going to try my darndest to write about intriguing and bold things this summer. I'll brave the internet wilds of Cape Breton to get the truth out to my loyal readers. And when all else fails, well, take some tin foil, twist it into antennae, attach to your head, and we'll see if we can get an osmotic current flowing. It's that or smoke signals. I will communicate!!

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