Thursday, May 5, 2005

(actual current location: cape breton)

There is just a moment to make a quick post. In twenty minutes I am going into the village of Baddeck to show Patti around. We will get an ice cream and walk along the main street and look into shops. Perhaps we will also go down by the waterfront and the government wharf.

It's been an eventful few days. On the way home from Fredericton we had the misfortune to hit a deer that was escaping rising water levels. It hit the front of the car and I saw it die along the guard rail. It was quite a shock--and these spare facts don't do the impact of the event justice. Once we got home, it got busy with calls and people, and I was a little sick with a stress headache...but still, I was home. Now I've had a little dinner party for folks from Sydney, which was good fun...sparklers, food, wine, chocolate cake. And the emotional roller coaster continues on...

In any case, though I'm not going to go into details, we're riding it as well as we can. And for now, two girls are going to go stroll in the village. The only choice left: chocolate or vanilla ice cream cones?

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