Friday, May 13, 2005

news bits and pieces

I'm going to have to make peace with this computer, aren't I? It is such a slow little beast. If I were to post what this text looks like without editing, it would be full of little switcheroos and letters attached to wrong words. This is because when I write, the letters don't appear on the screen until a half second later. I am a fast typer, so I don't wait to see the words until a sentence has been put down, and often have to go back and fix mistakes made by typing without seeing the results. And so far, the computer's speed (or lack of) compared with my old computer had been frustrating, but I think peace must be made. So for the record, the computer is a good one, it gets the job done, and I'm content with it.

The only downside is that my ideas can get a bit sidetracked, since I'm always going back to fix mistakes. So if posts make no sense, that's why.

Also, we're getting snow here. SNOW! It is either a weird and wacky weather formation or...who knows what. But yes, snow, and when that's not blowing across the lawn, it's sunny, or else just cloudy like now. The bit of the end of the lake that I can see out the living room window is gunmetal gray. And the wind is really high, too.

I got a call from Montana today, too! My good friend Einar is on his way out west by car, and was calling from the road. I got the news until the cell phone signal crackled and broke up, due to low batteries. Apparently there is also snow in South Dakota. But they have a reason--thier mountains and all. But as for here--no excuses. None at all.

The CBC radio is distracting me from this writing with their music and news filled afternoon show, The Roundup. This is the show that used to be called "Crossroads", and which I called when I was little to request a song for my mother who was building the goat barn. This request was heard across the country by old friends in BC, where my parents used to live, and prompted renewed correspondence between them. The show asks for song requests along with stories, and it's sort of a fun ride.

In the last few days I worked a bit for our neighbour Jimmy MacKillop, 95 years old, doing some necessary yard work, and also cleaning the windows. He gave me tea and stories. This is a man who actually met Alexander Graham Bell, when he was a child. Talk about history.

The CBC's Lorne Elliot just called snails, "slugs in mobile homes". I think it's time to go find something to do--cook, maybe, or clean. Anyone have any good recipes? Hopefully not for escargots.

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