Friday, March 4, 2005

a sign on the door

Imagine that this site has a door. It would be one of solid oak, varnished and sanded and buffed to a dark dark brown. It's one of a few doorways in a round vestibule, which is sunlit through large clear windows framed in white wood and light yellow curtains. The view from the windows is that of a garden, and beyond it, trees. In the vestibule is a large wrought-iron fixture for hats and coats--already on it are the following: a black top hat (I think it belongs to the secret admirer), a baseball cap with 'punk rawk' buttons, a long Burberry coat with silk gloves tucked in the pocket, and a pair of mud-covered gum boots.

If you walk up to this door, before you reach for the handle to walk in, you imagine what's in the room beyond. Is it a spacious sitting room, with crimson couches and thick rugs, sweet cats curled up sleeping, and a well-stocked bookshelf? Or is it a nightclub, with lots of different colored lights, levels, and dancers in sleek costume moving their bodies to the rhythm? Is it a classroom, with fluorescent lights and hard desks, students bent over paper with pens in hand, a teacher smiling and leading brains to new thoughts and ideas?

Whatever it is, this time you go to the door and reach for the handle and it is locked. You look down, and there is a small, hand-lettered sign on cream-colored cardboard. It is tied to the doorhandle (gold, burnished) with a green ribbon. The sign reads:

"Gone to Cape Breton for March Break. Plan to snowshoe, see friends, dance, and watch the Godfather trilogy, relax, and read lots. Also: sleep in, make waffles, play with the cats, and ice skate if the weather holds. Will be back soon. Be good and happy in the absence. Love to all! Leah bean."

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