Monday, February 28, 2005

"how is life treating you?" --A Short Play in One Act

Scene: Outside the Latin classroom, 2:20 pm, after class. Both characters carrying books. John is a 72-year old man with white hair and a red jacket, who generally has a cynical but happy twinkle in his eyes. He speaks with a British accent. He moves slowly, but fast for his age. Leah is a 20-year-old woman, a coat over one arm, slightly dirty hair and quirky glasses, a bright pink shirt layered over a purple one. She is friendly, demonstrating her friendship with John.

Leah: Well, John, how's life treating you?

John [with bemused chuckle]: Not often enough!

Ed. note: John has returned to formal education after a life-long career spanning turns as a hospital administrator, bus driver, and devoted husband, father and grandfather. After beating cancer, he decided what he wanted to do was return to school and study philosophy, Latin and history. He takes razzing from us younger "Latinites" whenever the word "senex" comes up in a translation, but he usually beats us all in both wit and wisdom.

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