Thursday, February 10, 2005

bean's photographic memory and the valentine's day box

As a result of the re-arrangement of my bedroom, and the movement of old posters, the white wall behind the computer was revealed. Because of the new conglomeration of white computer and white shelving, not to mention white blinds, the wall was, as they might say in the design world, "the focus of the schema". However, this made the computer corner look dull and bland, which is not what you want for an area in which you must do work, and therefore must entice yourself to enter. So, I took out all my photos from the past year, and some scotch tape, and after picking out the ones I like best, stuck them up in a random arrangement. Now all around me are colorful reminders of who I am, who I love, and the places I've been. It adds some color to the corner, as well, and really ties together the whole room.

There is Claire, of course, dear crazy Crimp on her bicycle about to head off to Quebec, looking smug with her helmet on, smug in the sun. There are photos of my roommates, Patti and Michelle, the one where they're tucked around my door with Claire's head on the bottom, looking like three little imps about to spring on me. There's one of Dad with Mat and I, taken by Ginger at the skating rink in Ohio, just a month ago. (How time flies!) There is one of my mother, my aunt, my grand-maman, and I, at Grandmaman's house this past Christmas. There are my sweet little Remillard cousins, and my uni friends eating whipped cream from a can and dressing up like Russians... Janice? tee hee...and then to balance out the hodde-podge of faces and actions, there are photos of landscapes--Newfoundland last summer, the St. Thomas campus, Cape Breton, Fredericton's Odell Park. Not only was it a cheap design idea, but now I get to smile every time I sit down to write a paper or an email. Wonderful!

Also, today after I got back from my early morning class (where I handed in the paper on "Comparing Prince Henry with Falstaff in Henry IV, Part One", much-toiled-over and happily relinquished) and was preparing to go back to bed for a revitalizing nap, a package arrived. Neil brought it down from upstairs; it was heavy, and from my mother. After last night's talk with 132 Long Hill Road (i.e. Mum and Mat), where they told me that Mum had made hand-made heart-shaped chocolates for her 'two favorite men', i.e. Mat and Monty, I had a good guess what was in it. Patti helped me to open it; it felt as much for her and Michelle as for me. We pulled out lovely cosmetics by Kiss My Face and Burt's Bees, a jar of Nutella, and then the red, heart-shaped tin of exquisite Botticelli chocolates. Mm! Mum's card was a gorgeous Georgia O'Keefe reprint, Red Cannas 1927, and read "Know that you are loved."

So, all around me I have evidence of the lovely people in my life. And it isn't even Valentine's Day yet! In the spirit of the coming V-Day, what has been your best Valentine's Day present? Fill the comments box! I want to hear about hearts, flowers, ridiculous and delightful displays of affection, the most surprised or overjoyed you've been, or gifts you've given yourself. I know Valentine's Day isn't a true holiday, that the word on the street is that it was invented by a greeting card company, but heck--who cares? Any day where we get to celebrate hugs and kisses is alright by me.

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