Tuesday, February 15, 2005

"the nest where i was hatched"

These sketches and pictures make me want to fly to New York just so I can walk through Central Park for a whole day. My own camera's bust at the moment, and I haven't sketched in a while, so I don't think I would try and record the gates in any visual way. I would walk and walk and be creative in a way that doesn't seem creative to many people: I would talk.

I would talk to other people walking, I would talk to vendors and workmen and the security guards placed there to keep the gates from vandals at night. Whatever words came into my head as I was walking, I'd write on a napkin I would have in my pocket, and later I would cut the napkin up with orange scissors and rearrange them. This I would do on the bar of a pub that I would find by accompanying an interesting new person to have a drink, and when I was done with the letters I would leave them on the bar, half-damp with beer and bartop moisture, to be found or misconstrued by whoever found them next.

Also, I wonder, does Andy Goldsworthy know about these? I wonder what he's thinking about them.

I hope this isn't considered stealing, but I quite loved what Rabi had to say, so, from the wockerjabby herself:

I'm not sure you can understand the transformative power of the gates if you aren't a new yorker, or if you haven't at least spent a lot of time in central park. for me it was like returning to the nest where I was hatched and finding all the twigs had turned into gold.

--Rabi Whittaker.

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