Thursday, November 4, 2004

i don't really know what to say right now.

All I know is, I'm not happy with the election results and I don't want to rant about it on here since I've been doing enough of that lately. I'm gloomy, I just can't believe it. Masciulli said in class today, "I think this is the most major event since the end of the Cold War." We talked about Supreme Court justices, we talked about Bush wanting to reunite the country. What boggles my mind is how some people are really surprised at my reaction, not because they like Bush, but because they don't think it is at all important. Like the 'mother of all elections' doesn't affect us, or the whole world.

There is supposed to be snow tomorrow night, too. Snow! It has been sure windy enough these last few days here, and cold. And now a low front is moving in, and that's going to cause moisture and with the cold, snow as precipitation. I will be bundled up with Patti, eating popcorn and watching Gilmore Girls.

Let me get my energy back, and then you'll hear an exposition.

What gives me happiness:
--My room is clean, warm, well-lit and full of books.
--My larder is full of good food.
--My home is in a clean, sweet (though cold) little city at the moment.
--Cape Breton is my real home, and I may be going back for a few days at Christmas break. It would be wonderful to see the family, see the woods, see the ocean again.
--I had Michelle's spicy mac-and-cheese for dinner, and mashed squash. There is nothing that comforts me more. I also made applesauce with apples that Neal, my landlord, had given me.

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