Friday, July 2, 2004

fire hall dances for life

So! I've been gone from Mum's house for a week, and I come home to...72 new messages! Of course that's misleading (could I ever be anything but?) most of it was spam, that dreadful scourge of the cyberways, but still. Heaps of online things to attend to.

North River is lovely, I am living with Kathy Kerr, a woman who has a small farm with 4 horses and plenty of fields. Her home is a well-kept Cape Breton-style farm house, Mat and I have upstairs rooms and a bathroom we share. My bed is the most comfortablest thing ever. Honestly. But I won't go on about that. My room overlooks the horses' barn and main paddock, and the valley and St. Ann's mountain beyond, and work is a 5 minute bike ride away.

About work (just briefly, as not much has changed since last year, and you can read all about it in the July 2003 archives): I am the potter's assistant at Shape Shift Pottery, which means I sell the pottery, arrange the shop, and when there are no customers, help out lots in the studio. Wedge the clay, attend to just-turned pots, load and unload the kiln, glaze, and many other things. Just about everything Deanie can think of for me to do.

Over on the Oregon Road, where the 'homesteaders' live, is where I'm spending a lot of my time (when I'm not at work, or in my delicious bed)--on the acreage of some wonderful young people from the US who have a mind to build a sustainable home for themselves one way or another. They are all hard workers and also know how to have fun, which is very important to my mind. And there is the river to swim in, always a plus.

Canada Day (July 1 for all you non-Canucks) was spent in true rip-roaring Canadian fashion: watching the fireworks from the wharf in Baddeck, (oohing and aahing as we saw fit) and then going up the hill to the Fire Hall for the dance, wha. What a time! Drinks were three bucks and you had to purchase tickets for them, and the music was provided by some guy with a sound system. The lights might have been bought at Brad's Electronics in North Sydney; they were one of those cheap mock-ups of streetlights only in acid colors like purple and lime green, and rotating fiercely. People including in the scene-making: Janice (lovely as always), Kate, Catriona, (whee!!) Laurel, Michelle, Sarah from Oregon, Scott from Ontario, Jason...and whoever else happened to be within grabbing distance. At the end of the night there was a fight and some young girls were arrested, and then we left (I stole a giant plastic lobster off the wall of a restaurant, and nick-named him Rufus, he will be my new travelling partner/Jell-o mold) and got home, made grilled cheese sandwiches and passed out.

Thusly have my adventures been conducted. More are coming soon.

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