Wednesday, July 7, 2004

stir crazy?

After Canada Day, Scott the WWOOFer and I spent the day sunbathing and swimming and then brought a 2-4 up to 'le land'. (That being the 80 acres owned by Luc, Einar and co, and lived on at the moment by 8 young folk with a mind to building a place to live, or as some might deride, a commune)... We had a campfire, around which I sat with Sarah from Oregon, and she played guitar and we both sang--"Angie" by the Rolling Stones, old Joni Mitchell tunes, some Tracy Chapman. Til late, and then we lay on an air mattress under some tall spruce and talked til she had to go lobster fishing at 2:30 am. I slept til 7, bounced awake to say goodbye to Scott (he's off to Newfoundland), then went for a hike up the 'falls' trail with some Sydney (CB) friends. We didn't make it as far as the falls (time constraints), but we smacked loads of mossies and enjoyed walking along the river.

Since then, I've been working and hanging out on the Kerr farm or at the Oregoners*, riding my little bike around on freshly-graded roads (and boy is that a pain in the ass, all the gravel is freshly stirred up and my poor little tires bumpety-bump and skid in the thick road) and pottery-shop-operating like it's going out of style...Now I have two days off, today Mum and I are looking to bottle some of her home-made wine, and then tomorrow if this bug that's going around hasn't hit me, I might do a work day over at the Oregoners. Tonight is a potluck party, food and music and good times among spruce trees.

So those are the events, and here are the feelings: lately I've been mostly happy (contented with what I have around me), but also feeling a sadness, missing travel, 'waiting for the scenery to change', as Claire puts it...also feeling a bit sad about Cape Breton and the many problems it faces. Must remind myself to keep my head up and keep seeing the good things, the people working for change. There are deliberations going on (community-hall gatherings) about how we want CBI to be governed, I just wonder how many people know they're going on...I didn't know about my local one til I read it in the paper 2 weeks later. Maybe I'll roadtrip it to the next one, wherever it is.

Anywho. I shall conclude with this line from wockerjabby, which I particularly like, from her blog post about fireworks: "...all night, halfpint rockets came streaking up from the sidewalks, trailing crooked spark paths between buildings." And talk to you all soon.

*They are called the Oregoners because they are on the Oregon Road. There are three dirt roads in the immeadiate area, as well as the paved Cabot Trail, these roads being the Meadow (on which I live), the Murray and the infamous Oregon. The Meadow curves around and meets the Trail twice, it's where I live. The Oregon is also where my shop, Shape Shift, is. The Murray runs along the river flowing out to the Bay, and it's here that the Kayak shop is, where Mat and Claire work. Maybe someday I'll draw a map. Or maybe not.

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