Saturday, June 26, 2004

going, going, sort of gone

Today I'm moving to North River, as previously stated heaps of times. Not entirely packed and only an hour to go (this is my M.O., I get a little freaked out if I'm entirely ready at T-1h), but that's alright. It is a cool, rainy day (I would like to get to the bottom of why our weather has been so unseasonably cool, it's kind of freaky) and work starts tomorrow. Not much to say. I would like to try and get a redesign happening for huminbean this summer, I would need the help of a friend with HTML knowledge, fortunately I have leads.

Who knows when I'll post next? For now I'm focussing on finding the beauty in pottery, people, and plants--lots and lots of trees, lush lupins by the roadside, and gardens beginning to burst with lettuce.

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