Thursday, June 24, 2004

fais tes bagages!

Today is a wide-open sunny day, suitable for tanning and playing music loud through open house windows, and of course singing along. I'm rediscovering my sarong collection and the joys of bare feet. Mum made a lunch of garden greens, potato, mushroom and ginger, sautéed lightly with oil and parsley; now it is afternoon and she is off to work in the village, and I am being all on-top-of-things and getting necessary emails written. Whilst singing loudly to Fleetwood Mac, of course. (There is no other way.)

Here are some interesting things to look at: some of the very first photographs ever taken. In Scotland, so expect a lot of blurry castles and boats.

On Saturday I move to North River, to live at Kathy Kerr's place. She owns 4 horses: maybe I'll learn to ride? I also want to train with Claire in the Brazilian martial art/dance of capoeira, if I can convince her to take on a student. I'm thinking afternoons after we both work (she works here, at North River Kayak), down by the river, maybe in the field there, and after we train we could jump into the freezing-cold rush of the clean North River. It would be a way to both strengthen my body and have fun. We shall see.

Sunday I begin work, at the illustrious Shape Shift Pottery. For details on what goes on here, check back to the archives of July 2003, I'm sure not much has changed!

The clouds are rolling in, I better go take in the laundry.

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