Monday, June 21, 2004

'we're finally gettin' some weather, bye!'

Notable events of today:

--Last day of working for the advance poll. Meaning: lots of Timbits* and coffee and 'local color', in the form of Peter MacNeil and Keith MacEachern, my partners in crime...err, upstanding citizens.

--New guestbook that works! Meaning: you can actually leave a message there for me, isn't that amazing! And, the old one is still around in case anyone really wants to see the eleven or so messages that some people left last year before the darn thing stopped working.

--I managed to stall the car three times going down Monty's driveway (note: Monty's driveway is not long) this evening; I attribute this stunning display of mediocrity to the aforementioned coffee and pastries.

--I found a test for Jack! And anyone else who reckons they read enough to write their own dictionary, or who oddly finds themselves often being asked 'what does this word mean?' I got 144..the test could make you insane! Or is that psychotic, mad, loopy, or foolish?

*You really must go to the Tim Hortons website, if only for the coffee graphic that really makes you want to go to the local's so compelling! Even though it's 11 pm and I'm in my track pants, I think I'll have to get Mum's car keys and head into town..if I don't stall first. G'night!

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