Sunday, June 20, 2004

the glamorous soirée

Just to note: had a lovely party at Mum's house, we cleared some things from surfaces around the house (but not as much as last year) and had guests from 10 pm last night til noon today. Still feeling the effects of the imbibed substances, but the house is clean now and all is well. The party went swimmingly, I thought: there was yellow 'caution' tape involved, musical jamming by many characters present (they with the talent, so many of them!), a game of crib, lots of cuddles and backrubs, and then all of a sudden it was becoming daylight and a carload of people was leaving. The rest of us slept and then woke and made a delicious breakfast: roast tomatoes, scrambled eggs, toast and coffee (a co-operative chef effort--Donnie, Mat and I) and then lounged some more bemoaning our brain shrinkage and retelling some of the better stories from the night. Like you do. Thanks to all the lovely kids who made it out: Ross, Janice, Rosie, Eli, Kevin, Pete, Nathan, Kelly, Morgan, Ian, Jack, Donnie, Andrea, and especially Rena as she had to be at work a mere 4 hours after departing the premises. Also, thanks for all the money we'll make bringing the bottles back to the depot!

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