Wednesday, May 19, 2004

sydney revisited

I flew from Hobart to Melbourne and then to Sydney, pretty uneventfully. I got to hear the Virgin Blue safety speech twice and also feel the belly pull of takeoff and landing, twice each. Then took the train to Redfern and showed up on Sarah's door, my backpack about to make my left hip give up the ghost.

We met up with Kate for falafels and halva on Cleveland Street, buzzing with neon life and gas-powered vehicles, and the odd fruit bat high above the buildings. Since then there's been green tea and dancing on the bedroom floor and now Sarah is working on her uni stuff and I'm writing to people met whilst traveling, while wearing her tweed jacket and a red headband. (I am the coolest, haha.)

'I been thinking a lot today...' sings Ben Folds. I've been thinking about Tasmania and returnin someday, about flight attendants and all the work they do, about the human mind and its predisposition to doing things primarily for itself and secondarily (if at all) for the greater good, about organic food, about boys and girls and men and women. I been thinking a lot today...

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