Tuesday, May 18, 2004

mt. wellington in the rain and fog

After the free breakfast provided by The Pickled Frog, I got dressed in my layered best and my ratty old Golas, and headed off first to Eumarrah Foods (organic and cheap, a wonder) and then to the bus to Fern Tree. On the way I met Ronit, a girl from Israel, and we decided (a non-decision, really) to hike Mt. Wellington together. After all, we were both headed that way.

At a fork in the trail, we met Yb and Mary, from Holland and Ireland respectively, and proceeded on with them. Yb is a mechanical engineer and Mary a teacher, who were also WWOOFing (I tell you, it's the new hot thing to do, kids!).

The fog bound us in and the higher we climbed the less we could see, seemingly a silly way to reach the summit of the mountain right in the middle of a city, without a view that is. But we did it anyway. I even got a photo of myself on the summit rock, white mist all around me. Oh well.

On the way down it started to rain and I made my sure my camera and mobile (the only non-driable things in my cotton-hemp bag) were secured in plastic. Then I got thoroughly soaked and muddy, running down a steep path and splashing in all the puddles.

At the bottom, after taking the bus back to the city, we had coffees in a little bakeshop and the waitress asked if we were travelling together.

"No," I said, "We all met today, on the mountain." She laughed, then said, "And where are you all from?"

We went round the table naming our respective countries. "Ireland, Israel, Canada, Holland."

"And will you be doing travelling together now?" She picked up another cup and saucer.

"No," I said again, laughing. "We all go seperate ways tomorrow."

She laughed. Later she brought over old pastries she would have to toss out, as it was closing time.

"Here," she said, "I always like to give the travellers something special." Four seperately wrapped bags of still-warm baked goods.

After watching the film "Troy" together we parted at Little India, a shop with a nice smell but no Naan bread. I walked home to the hostel singing Bob Dylan, a song that's been on my mind for a while now.

Goodnight everyone, tomorrow I fly to Sydney for ten days of hell-raising with the girls. Then, home to little Cape Breton, where a lot of wonderful things and people await me.

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